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The Designers

Who We Are


Ana Carolina Syrdahl

Co-Founder & Designer

Ana Carolina Syrdahl graduated in architecture from FAUS in 2008 and now is student of the Interior Design course at NYIAD (The New York Institute of Art and Design). With experience in commercial and residential executive projects in offices in Santos and São Paulo, she also developed international projects while still in Brazil, which helped her have a broader, more technical and accurate look to architecture.


In 2021, along with Roberta, her friend and sister-in-law, Ana develop Interior Design projects in New Jersey and the region.


Since she was a little girl, she was already interested in art – fashion, product design, architecture and art history. In her house, you can't miss: color, the smell of coffee early in the morning, paintings by her favorite artist (her father), real plants, affective pieces, in short... her story in each environment. This makes her house her true home.

Roberta Syrdahl

Co-Founder & Designer

Roberta Syrdahl graduated in architecture from FAUS in 1997, currently taking an Interior Design course at NYIAD (The New York Institute of Art and Design) to improve her knowledge. In her offices in southern Minas Gerais and Santos, she designed more than 50 homes. During the time she lived in Switzerland and now here in the US, she has been working as an interior designer on many projects.


Pioneer of the group in projects in the region, and with the great demand for interior design, she joined Ana Syrdahl, her sister-in-law, and formed Studio Duo. With the growth and success of their projects, their friends and partners Carla and Luana joined us.


“My passion is to travel, and seek knowledge, culture, art and many inspirations. I am a lover of reading and art, with my eye always on architecture and design, I believe that well-being must be side-by-side with quality of life. I love challenges and that drives me more and more to show that beauty is what your eyes see and brings you happiness.”


Carla Gade

Co-Founder & Designer

Carla received her Bachelors degree in 2006 and Master in 2009 in Architecture and Urbanism from FAU Mackenzie. She is very passionate about her profession and all the benefits that architecture brings to our comfort and our society as a whole. She is amazed at how nature, beauty and arts are intertwined bringing us beauty, proportion, and design that makes us feel and live comfortably.


In her projects she looks for organization, fluidity, beauty and timelessness. She considers practicality and dynamics in everything that is proposed, taking into account everyday life and how that space can add health to the home, prioritizing the needs and desires of each client, working with the individual, resulting in an exclusive and personalized design.


The special invitation to join Studio DUO caused her a lot of euphoria and enthusiasm! She is sure that this new phase will add to this company and the four of them (Roberta, Ana, Luana and Carla) taking their harmony and talent to the homes of their dear customers in New Jersey and surroundings!

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